The sources on the life of saint Joseph are rare , but works allow us to draw a portrait by the contours which prove to be precise, coherent and particularly rich in lessons.

7 large outlines of the personality of saint Joseph show the exceptional dimension of Joseph and the contribution he has in our lives.


Joseph, the Father and the Bridegroom

Joseph, earthly father of Jesus, is the one who raises, educates the Child but also and above all the one who protects his body and helps him to grow in Peace and Security.

Joseph is the Bridegroom of Mary, he participates in her Mystery and protects her.

Joseph the Carpenter, the Architect, the Galilean

Like Saint Paul, Saint PeterJoseph has a job, he works, he has clients … This profession is particularly important since it works with wood, which is rare in Judea, and that this wood is used to build houses, ships, furniture … for new villages that are created in Galilee, a joyful and active land with its agricultural, fishing and trading activities on a major trade route between the Mediterraneanand the important Province of Syria.

Joseph the Silent and the Religious

The action, the education of the child, the life of a couple … in Listening, Silence, Sharing …


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On March 19, Saint Joseph is celebrated all over the world. This festival takes on particular importance in Cotignac.

February 20, 1660.

  • Day of the apparition of Saint Joseph to Gaspard Ricard, a young shepherd dying of thirst.
  • The same day, Louis XIV, who returned from Cotignac where he was on February 20 to thank Notre Dame for the gift of life, arrived in St-Jean-de-Luz to receive his wife, Marie Thérèse


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